Holistic Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO

Mercury free, Mercury safe, Health focused dentistry

Meet Dr. Craig Sommer, a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs, who enjoys providing quality cosmetic, mercury-free, mercury-safe dentistry with a whole-body, holistic focus. He and his talented staff provide all facets of general dentistry.  This includes mercury-free fillings, oral surgery, crowns, implants, porcelain veneers, and smile whitening as well as LASER assisted non-surgical gum care.

Dr. Sommer focuses on the impact that your dental health has on your whole body. Studying at UCLA, Dr. Sommer was taught that your dental health is a window into the health of the rest of your body and strives to help all patients understand the connections. The impact of that lesson continues to drive Dr. Sommer in his approach as a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs and the alternative dental care that he provides.

Changes visible within your mouth can reveal what is happening elsewhere in your body. So, by caring for your dental health you are really caring for your overall whole body health. You can begin making changes today, and see the difference almost immediately. water-drop-painted-300x201px

As a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs, Dr. Sommer is also concerned about the materials that are still being used in dentistry today. It’s an arena still filled with controversy. It is important to Dr. Sommer to discuss about where you want to go with your dental health, because the better your dental health, the better your overall health will be. With this focus on alternative dental care you have the option of safer alternatives than other traditional dental practices. Even when looking for oral surgery in Colorado Springs, know that Dr. Sommer is the right option.

What are you looking for in a dentist?

As a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs focused on alternative dental care Dr. Sommer’s office is dedicated to providing the best experience possible. Not only are you going to get a dentist that makes your appointment enjoyable, but you will be provided with a comfortable environment and an experienced doctor in order to reduce the stress involved with routine dental visits. Dr. Sommer serious about the care we provide and that includes making sure that your experience and dental care is nothing short of phenomenal.

Great Dentist In Colorado Springs

Client satisfaction is essential and when clients say that they were provided the best dental experiences of their lives here, it has an impact. Through a combination of the best in new technology along with tried and true methods, Dr. Sommer’s office, home of one of the best holistic dentists in Colorado Springs, will be sure to achieve excellent results. Utilizing this technology, Dr. Sommer will help you understand what you’re seeing, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your dental care and spend your health dollars wisely.