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Maintain Long-Term Health With Mercury-Free Dentistry in Colorado Springs

At Springs Dentist, we care about your overall health as much as your oral health. We prioritize your safety by using materials that not only enhance your smile but also safeguard your long-term health. Recognizing the risks posed by mercury, we have embraced mercury-free dentistry in Colorado Springs. At our office, your restorations are biocompatible with your body and don’t put your health in harm’s way. As a result, you will:

  • Enjoy good oral health and long-term well-being
  • Minimize the environmental impact of dental treatments
  • Avoid the potential risks of exposing your mouth to mercury
  • Embrace solutions that work seamlessly with your body
  • Trust you are receiving the highest standard of care

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Our Practice Values Your Health & Safety

As a proud member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. Sommer leads our team at the forefront of dental innovation. From dental fillings to other tooth restorations, we ensure that every material in our practice aligns with your health goals. You can also trust your IAOMT-certified dentist for safe amalgam removal.

You can expect numerous benefits from a mercury-free practice:


  • BiocompatibilityMercury-free fillings are biocompatible, meaning they are not harmful to nearby tissues in your mouth. They complement your body’s natural functions.
  • DurabilityEnjoy long-lasting dental restorations without compromising strength or functionality. We won’t need to remove as much tooth structure for mercury-free fillings. They are also easier to replace.
  • Beautiful Appearance Our fillings seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. This gives you a great-looking smile without the concern of visible metal in your mouth.
  • Eco-FriendlyChoose dental materials that are environmentally responsible. Our solutions contribute to our sustainable approach to dentistry.
  • Improved Overall HealthMercury-free fillings eliminate potential health risks associated with mercury exposure, safeguarding your well-being and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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Common Questions
About Mercury-Free Dentistry


Why should I choose mercury-free dentistry?

Mercury-free dentistry is a conscious choice for your overall health. Traditional dental amalgam fillings contain mercury, which poses potential health risks. Opting for mercury-free alternatives ensures dental restorations are not only safe but also biocompatible. This type of dentistry supports your long-term overall health.

Are mercury-free fillings durable?

Yes, mercury-free fillings are durable. Advances in dental technology have led to the development of strong and resilient alternatives to metal fillings. You can confidently select mercury-free fillings without compromising on quality.

Is mercury-free dentistry more expensive than traditional options?

It’s difficult to talk about cost without having you in our office and making recommendations unique to your smile. While the initial investment may be higher than metal fillings, the long-term benefits for your health make it a worthwhile choice. Choosing mercury-free fillings safeguards the future long-term health of your smile and body. Composite fillings cost slightly more than amalgam fillings but less than ceramic or gold fillings.