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General FAQs



At Springs Dentist, we know you’ll have questions about your dental care. We invite you to call us at 719-632-3591 or visit our office at 1750 Telstar Dr Suite 100 Colorado Springs, near The Promenade Shops at Briargate. We’re happy to find answers for you! In the meantime, see if your questions have been addressed in our Colorado Springs FAQ.

What makes this office holistic compared to others?

We believe that what happens in your mouth has an impact on your whole body’s health. We choose to do dentistry in a way that is compatible with whole-body health by:

  • Using body-friendly materials (biocompatible)
  • Removing mercury amalgam fillings using a safe protocol for both patient and staff
  • Using fluoride and BPA-free materials
  • Addressing the microbiological origins of gum disease
  • Use ozone for treating infections and bacteria
  • Recommend body-friendly prophy paste free of fluoride, chemicals, dyes, BPAs, and gluten
  • Recommend proper nutrition and supplements essential to oral health
What is Ozone, and how does it help in dentistry?

Ozone is a type of oxygen molecule that can kill bacteria and virus particles. It occurs naturally during a lightning storm or after an electric spark. Ozone is generated in our office using special equipment and is used to eliminate infections.

What is a “deep cleaning”?

Deep cleaning is a term used to describe periodontal therapy or gum treatment. It’s required when it is discovered that gum disease is causing bone recession as well as gum recession. It is evidenced by “pocket” measurements of 4mm or greater with bleeding.

What Is Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR)?

In hygiene, the LBR reduces and controls the bacteria in the mouth and helps the patient reduce inflammation. LBR reduces the depth of pockets over time with proper home care. LBR results in less gum bleeding and sensitivity and reduces gum bacteria from millions to hundreds.

What does the LBR laser do, and how does it work?

The laser uses non-initiated photo-thermal light that is absorbed by the gum tissue to kill bacteria creating a general anti-inflammatory effect. The laser can reduce unhealthy bacteria by 96.9%.

What materials are in the composite fillings?

Composite fillings are made of a tooth-colored mixture of acrylic resin and polished glasses or plastics (silica or zirconia). If you would like specific testing to see what materials are most compatible with your body, we can use our lab for testing on compatibility.

Do you scan for all crowns and guards?

Yes, 99% of the time. We find that the scan is more accurate and more comprehensive and there is no patient discomfort like with dental impressions.

What materials are in the mouthguards?

The mouthguards are made of long-lasting firm acrylic with a low incidence of allergic reactions. They are BPA-free.

What can I eat or not eat with my temporary crown?

Try to chew on the opposite side from the temporary. Avoid hard foods like nuts, hard candy, and caramels. When flossing, pull the floss thru the teeth, and do not use an upward motion. Also, no water picks while you have a temporary.

Can I bring my children here for their dental care?

Yes, if they are well-behaved.

How much are the night guards?

The guards are approximately $850. You may check your insurance to see if they pay or help pay for this.

Are you open on Friday?

Not at this time, but we can find a day and time that work for your schedule.

Can new patients receive a cleaning on their first appointment?

We must first determine what type of hygiene visit you would need. Your initial visit includes perio-charting and images that will help determine the best course of action for you.