Experience Healthy Outcomes From Your Colorado Springs Holistic Dentist

You may be looking for a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs because you want to have your mercury fillings removed. Or you may want to work with a dentist who helps you proactively prevent problems like cavities and gum disease. You may wish your dentist better understood the relationship between oral health and overall health.

Regardless of why you’re interested in holistic dentistry, at our office you’ll find:

  • Biocompatible dental restorations that do not contain mercury and that are tested for safety
  • A process for safely removing amalgam fillings, using protocols developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • An emphasis on preventing dental problems by reducing the amount of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth
  • Patient-friendly, pain-free procedures with technology like an intraoral camera, digital X-rays, and a dental laser
  • Dental care that takes your overall medical history into account so we can recommend the best treatments for you

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Enjoy Peace of Mind With Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings

With a background in chemical engineering, Dr. Craig Sommer has always been interested in the effect chemicals have on our bodies and the environment. Because of his concern about the impact mercury has on our bodies – and on the environment because of the large amount of dental waste that contains mercury – he is committed to using only mercury-free dental restorations. He also is certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to remove amalgam fillings using its SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocols.

Fight Decay With Preventive Care, Not Fluoride

Many dentists use fluoride treatments for cavity prevention. Yet over time, sodium fluoride collects in your teeth, bones, and cartilage. Given that most people consume fluoride in processed food, water, and other sources, Dr. Sommer sees no need to also apply it in a highly concentrated form to teeth. Like mercury, some research has questioned the use of fluoride for dental applications and raised concerns about its long-term health effects.

Dr. Sommer can suggest dietary and oral hygiene changes to reduce your risk of cavities instead. When necessary, he may also recommend dental sealants, thin coatings of plastic that form a physical barrier against decay.

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