Zoom Whiten Your Teeth In About An Hour!


Zoom! raises the brightening standard to a new level.

It delivers brightening improvements averaging from 7 to 8 shades all the way up to as many as 12 shades in about an hour.

A pioneering professional leader in the whitening products industry developed zoom.

Current Zoom! patients report experiencing 67% less significant sensitivity than the original Zoom System.

The new Zoom! is available at our office.  For a chance to receive a free Zoom! whitening, contact Dr. Sommer and tell him you saw this web page or register on the Contact Us page.



Fast – With superior results usually in just three 15- minute treatment sessions reducing total treatment by 33% with no compromise in results.

Effective – The Zoom! gel incorporates the use of a proprietary light activated patented technology to provide its superior whitening results.

Easy – The Precision Light Guide System ensures a consistent set-up for optimal whitening results.

Low Sensitivity – The combination of reduced time, the special ACP chemistry, and the new Balancing Agent and Satin Finish, ensure the lowest possible discomfort.