Stroke Victims Likely To Have Oral Or Mouth Infections


Avoid a Stroke

After describing in the Heart Disease Section, how bacteria migrate throughout your body by hitching a ride on your body’s public transit system (circulatory system or blood stream), it seems reasonable to expect that bacteria can affect other areas of the body beside the heart.

In fact, research is now indicating a connection between the incidence of stroke and mouth infections, including gum disease. The study revealed that stroke victims were much more likely to have an oral or mouth infection at the time of the stroke. One of your most important efforts to maintain whole body health is, to avoid a stroke. Contact a dentist today. Look for a dentist to evaluate your dental health carefully to help you with your goal to avoid a stroke.

It makes sense to eliminate any mouth infections, including tooth abscesses, gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis also known as pyorrhea or trench mouth.

This information is adapted from the American Academy Of Periodontology’s pubic information area on their website.