A holistic dental practice where we care about whole body health issues that might relate to your mouth…where the care we give is life extending, life enhancing.

Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health

The report outlines in detail the myriad of connections between oral health and overall health. The report concluded that these interrelationships not only exist but are critical and all-encompassing. Among the report’s general findings:

Systemic Conditions
  • Many systemic conditions have oral manifestations. These manifestations may be the initial sign of clinical disease and as such, serve to inform clinicians and individuals of the need for further assessment.
Portal for Disease

The oral cavity is a portal of entry as well as the site of disease for microbial infections that affect general health.

Overall Health and Well Being

Oral health is related to well-being and quality of life as measured along functional, psychosocial, and economic dimensions. Diet, nutrition, sleep, psychological status, social interaction, school, and work are affected by impaired oral and craniofacial health.

Social Well Being

Self-reported impacts of oral conditions on social function include limitations in verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction, and intimacy. Individuals with facial disfigurements due to craniofacial diseases and conditions and their treatments can experience loss of self-image and self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and social stigma; these in turn may limit educational, career, and marital opportunities and affect other social relations.



When a physician looks in your mouth the average one will often see if you have tonsils, look at the back of your throat, and may notice your bad breath and coated tongue. He will never see decay, he will not recognize, gum disease and its implications regarding stroke and heart attack.

A dentist will, using his extra training in the mouth, diagnose decay, gum disease, and TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint syndrome), and dark and malpositioned teeth. He will have some training in cosmetic improvement.

The holistic dentist will see what the above dentist sees, but will examine and consider the far-reaching effects of oral conditions and their implications affecting the entire body.   He or she will consider the types of dental materials that have already been placed in your mouth and explain the risks and benefits of retaining those materials. If you consider a change then the most biocompatible materials will be used for your safety and cosmetic enhancement. He will explain the real effects of corrosion within your mouth and how that will be accelerated by dissimilar metal in proximity or contact with each other. He will consider the effects of very small electrical currents generated by dissimilar metals placed in different areas of your mouth. Since the whole body functions as a result of electrical impulses, the minor current and voltages induced as a result of indiscriminate material usage can have a negative effect on your entire system.


The positive beneficial effects of holistic dentistry will begin immediately when instituted by our clients. It will begin with a complete look at the traditional dental treatment concerns, and extend into awareness of the implications of what is discovered with in the mouth as a window unto the rest of the body.