DR. SOMMER is a holistic dentist in Colorado Springs. That is, a dentist very concerned about your dental health and it’s whole body health connection. You’ve heard the expression “the eyes are a window to the soul”? Well, your mouth is a window into the health of the rest of your body.

Changes visible within your mouth can reveal what is happening elsewhere in your body. So, by caring for your dental health you are really caring for your overall whole body health. You can begin making changes today and see the difference almost immediately.

You remember tossing a pebble into a pond, and watching the ripples spread don’t you? What’s happening in your mouth today, both positive and negative, is causing ripples to spread throughout your body affecting everything, including heart health and brain health.

He is also concerned about materials still being used in dentistry today.  It’s an arena still filled with controversy. Let’s talk about where you want to go with your dental health because, the better your dental health, the better your overall health will be.


Choosing a family dentist is one of the most important decision you will make regarding your and your family's health...


Wouldn't you like to know that your dentist respects the environment both in your mouth and outside...


Smile makeovers enhance your appearance. Imagine how that would change your life. Imagine how a new smile would improve your confidence.


Up to date and advanced technology means that you get the very solution to your dental needs...


MERCURY FREE, tooth colored fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges.
NATURAL LOOKING SOLUTIONS for chipped, cracked or worn teeth.
COSEMTIC OPTIONS to enhance your smile and sense of well being.
FULL MOUTH RESTORATIONS for better chewing and health.
IMPLANT TECHNOLOGY to replace those missing teeth.
ORAL SURGERY AND EXTRACTIONS if that the only option.
LASER ENHANCED GUM CARE no surgical procedures and effective preventative care.
MIGRAINE, TENSION HEADACHE and TMJ relief including therapy for facial pain.
ZOOM SMILE BRIGHTENING in about an hour in a single appointment.
COMPREHENSIVE ORAL EXAMINATIONS include Digital Photos so you can see what we see.

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Dr. Craig Sommer
111 S Tejon St #310,
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Downtown Colorado Springs
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