Correct Your Smile With Orthodontic Aligners

You are worthy of a healthy, gorgeous smile. That’s why you should begin Invisalign in Wigwam, CO. Instead of traditional braces, this clear aligner solution fixes your bite problems and gradually shifts teeth into the best position for a straight, appealing smile.

Your plastic aligners will fit comfortably over your teeth and will feel smooth against the soft tissues inside your lips and cheeks. This orthodontic technique allows teens and adults to preserve their typical diet regimen and oral health routine since they can remove the aligners.

Alongside the comfort of this system, you can also enjoy the confidence of the virtually undetectable aligners that will not change your appearance. Every few weeks, you will switch to the subsequent set of aligners in your sequence until therapy is finished, and no one needs to know you wore them!

At Springs Dentist, we offer multiple cosmetic dentistry solutions to enhance your smile so you can mix various treatments to accomplish the results you want. You can likewise select:

  • Teeth Bleaching – Brighten your smile safely and successfully with our professional bleaching system. It lightens teeth far more powerfully than anything you’ll get in stores.
  • Dental Bonding – Hide small flaws like little spaces, chips, and cracks on your teeth for a fresh new look.
  • Dental Veneers – Cover imperfect teeth with customized veneers designed according to the size, shade, and shape you desire for the smile you always desired.
  • Gum Reshaping – Get a proportional smile with a painless procedure with our dental laster to adjust your gumline and enables you to expose more of your teeth.
  • Tooth Contouring – You can transform your smile by taking away enamel from your large and misshapen teeth.

Allow us to help you get the optimum path to a beautiful smile! To find out if Invisalign in Wigwam, CO will help you, call Springs Dentist right now at 719-249-5796 or request an appointment online to arrange your consultation.