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You are used to seeing that kind of promotion in retail stores, but in a way, it also applies to dental insurance.

If you have it, dental insurance is a good thing. My policies are designed to encourage patients to get preventive care on a regular basis. In many cases, this means covering all or most of the cost of regular dental cleanings and exams.

Knowing this, we encourage you to call 719-249-5796 today to visit Springs Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO.

Get Your Benefits

If you have dental insurance, it’s most likely through your employer. It also means that your premiums are (most likely) coming out of your paychecks. To put it simply, you are paying for a service.

The important thing to remember is that insurance plans and policies are generally good for a set period of time. Often this coincides with the calendar year. This means that you are paying for services that are meant to be used within a defined time period.

In normal times (and we understand 2020 has not been normal), you experience something similar when you buy a ticket to a sporting event or a concert. That ticket is only good during a specific time. If you arrive after the event is over, the ticket becomes useless. With dental insurance, your window of opportunity is larger, but it will still close if you don’t take advantage of it.

We want you to get the service you are paying for, and we want you to keep your mouth healthy, too.

Be Proactive About Your Oral Health

You already know that preventing oral health problems is better for your smile. You also know that catching problems in the early stages means your treatment is easier and less expensive.

Think about it. How would you rank these scenarios from most to least preferable?

  • Staying free from tooth decay
  • Having a cavity
  • Developing a tooth infection
  • Losing a tooth

We want you to be free from decay and gum disease. Similarly, we would rather fix a problem with a filling or a gum disease treatment instead of a root canal or a tooth replacement. Now, we can do and have done all of those things, but the bottom line is we want what is best for you and your smile.

That’s why we encourage you to brush, floss, and visit us for regular dental checkups. Brushing twice daily can clean much of the plaque and food debris from your mouth. However, you need to floss to remove those things from between your teeth and gums.

And professional cleanings are how we remove plaque and tartar buildup from your mouth. This also gives us an opportunity to find the kinds of problems we mentioned above.

We Hope To See You Soon

Before the new year arrives, we hope you will schedule a professional cleaning with our team. Call Springs Dentist today at 719-249-5796 or contact us online to schedule an appointment in Colorado Springs, CO.