With more contrast between tanned skin and teeth, summer is a great time to show off a stunning smile. If your teeth have gotten dingy though, no tan will make them look bright again. Fortunately, at Springs Dentist we have several ways for you to get teeth white this summer.

The whitening method that will work best for you will depend on several factors including:

  • Degree of staining
  • Cause of discoloration
  • Your lifestyle
  • Overall condition of your teeth
  • Your smile goals

The best way to determine which type of teeth whitening best suits your smile is to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Sommer. Call us today at 719-249-5796 to make an appointment. 

In the meantime, read up on the most likely options: professional whitening treatments, tooth bonding, and dental veneers. 

Convenient Home Whitening Works for Many Smiles

Many if not most smiles will get significantly brighter with professional home whitening. Our products contain a higher concentration of whitening ingredients than those sold in the toothpaste aisle of drugstores, so they offer much brighter results. In addition, we’ll make you a set of custom-made whitening trays you can easily use at home. No more struggling with messy strips! Ask about our current special offer for $199 home whitening. 

That said, certain types of discoloration won’t respond well even to professional whitening treatments. Some people simply have thin tooth enamel, which makes it easier to see a substance inside your tooth called dentin. As we age our enamel thins and dentin becomes more yellow. So if your discoloration is due to aging, it may make more sense to cover it with a restoration instead of whitening. Discoloration due to injury, taking certain types of drugs, or issues during early childhood development also may not respond well to whitening. 

It also isn’t a permanent way to get teeth white. Depending on habits like smoking and coffee drinking, you’ll need to repeat whitening treatments every few months. Covering stains with a restoration can provide longer-lasting whiteness. 

Get Teeth White With Bonding or Veneers

You have two options to get teeth white if you have more stubborn dental stains: tooth bonding or dental veneers. Both involve covering up the stains instead of removing them. While they aren’t permanent solutions, they will last far longer than any whitening treatment. 

Another bonus: they can also hide imperfections like chips, gaps, and more. You can address multiple flaws with a single solution, for a smile that looks terrific. In the case of veneers, they also strengthen teeth. 

Dental veneers are custom-made dental restorations that can change the size, shape, and color of your smile when they’re applied to the front surface of teeth. Dr. Sommer will work closely with you to ensure you get the appearance you want. Our e.max veneers are made of a special type of ceramic that is highly durable and stain resistant. With proper care, they can last over a decade. 

Dr. Sommer will remove a bit of enamel from your teeth to prepare them for a veneers procedure. So the treatment should be considered irreversible. If veneers need to be removed at any point, you would want to replace them. 

Bonding can be a more affordable alternative to veneers. Instead of having restorations made, Dr. Sommer will carefully apply tooth-colored resin (the same material used for fillings) to your teeth, shape it, and harden it with a special light. It won’t work as well as veneers for larger flaws and also won’t last as long. With proper care, bonding may last five years or more. Bonded teeth are also more susceptible than veneers to stains from coffee, smoking, and such. 

No matter which method we use to get teeth white, we’ll make sure you are pleased with the results! Call 719-249-5796 today to schedule your appointment.