For decades, families and individuals throughout the Colorado Springs, CO area have counted on Springs Dentist for holistic dental care.

Our dentist, Dr. Sommer also has been committed to “green” dentistry for nearly as long as he has been helping patients protect their smiles. Due to his awareness of the environmental impact of typical dental treatments, he decided to offer something different and better for his community.

That commitment remains as strong as ever, but one thing will be changing — our location. On Feb. 20, we will be opening our new office at 1750 Telstar Drive, Suite 100, in Colorado Springs.

If you have an appointment soon, be sure to call 719-249-5796 before you come. We want to make sure you meet us at the right place to protect and improve your oral health.

Wherever you find us, you can rest assured that we are doing all we can to keep you smiling.

Dental Care That’s Easy for You

At our practice, understand that your oral health and your overall health are closely connected. After all, your mouth is where many things are introduced to your body. By keeping your smile in the best shape possible, you can reduce your risk of other health problems, too.

This starts with our emphasis on preventive care. When you come in for regular cleanings and exams, you are less likely to develop cavities, gum infections, or infected teeth. At the same time, routine checkups give us an opporunity to find small issues and treat them before they become big problems.

How we care for you is just as important to us. We use biocompatible materials at our practive. For example, you can get mercury-free restorations at our office. By using composite resin or porcelain for your teeth repairs, your smile looks good without any worries about mercury.

We also have invested in digital X-rays. These provide faster images and they use only a fraction of the radiation of film X-rays, making them safer for you and for our team members.

At our practice, you also can receive care with a dental laser. This is a faster and more efficient treatment for treating gum disease. It also reduces recovery time and usually does not require stitches. And if you do have a gum infection, we work with OralDNA Labs®.  This improves your diagnosis and allows us to provide a more targeted treatment for your smile.

Plus, we know people don’t like biting down on trays filled with goo to make impressions. For a mess-free solution, we use a digital scanner to create impressions without gagging you.

Visit Us in Our New Location

You deserve advanced dental care that is good for you and your smile. You will get both from the same team you have been counting on for years at the new home of Springs Dentist. We hope to see your soon at our new office at 1750 Telstar Drive, Suite 100 in Colorado Springs, CO. To get even more for your smile, sign up for one of our Springs Dentist Savings Plans.

Protect your smile in a place where you feel comfortable. Call Springs Dentist today at 719-249-5796 or schedule an appointment online in Colorado Springs, CO.