How are you celebrating our country’s freedom this July Fourth? If you’re like a lot of our Springs Dentist patients, you’ll be spending time with loved ones you may not have seen for a while. If you’re having a cookout, you’re probably excited about the chance to get together and enjoy a meal together (and a lot of leftovers!).

Or maybe you won’t get to enjoy the meal, only the company. If you have bad dentures, you’ll be stuck watching everyone else indulge in fresh corn on the cob and juicy burgers. You’ve given up on those a long time ago. You’ll just have your potato salad and baked beans. And sure, you’ll enjoy the company, but you’ll have to make sure you don’t talk too enthusiastically or laugh too loudly. Otherwise, your dentures will move around – or worse, go flying like the flag on your house!

We believe everyone deserves to eat, laugh, and talk without worrying. These are basic freedoms of being human. You can experience those freedoms and so much more when you free yourself from bad dentures and choose dental implants instead. 

It’s time to be free to be yourself again. Let others experience your full personality when you get started on your journey to a healthy, strong smile. Call Springs Dentist today at 719-249-5796 or schedule a consultation online in Colorado Springs. Be sure to take our quiz first to see if you can ditch your bad dentures soon.