Are you the guilty culprit? Or is it someone else in your household? We’re talking about snoring…sawing logs…whatever you want to call it. Snoring can keep your bed partner awake at night and prevent them from getting the restful sleep they need. It can also interfere with your own ability to sleep.

Snoring often accompanies obstructive sleep apnea, which is when you repeatedly stop breathing while sleeping. The good news is that Springs Dentist offers snoring and sleep apnea treatment in the form of a custom-fit oral appliance. Our treatment can help you:

  • Sleep more soundly so you wake up feeling refreshed
  • Be more productive during the day
  • Eliminate early-morning headaches
  • Reduce your risk of other serious health conditions
  • Enjoy an overall improved quality of life

If you think you could be suffering from sleep apnea symptoms, call us today at 719-249-5796 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Sommer and our team will be happy to help you get the quality of rest you need.

Stop Sleep Apnea From Interfering With Your Life

Many people suffer from sleep apnea symptoms, often without any knowledge it is happening. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the tongue and other soft tissues in the rear of your throat relax and block your airway. This obstruction also contributes to snoring.

When your airway becomes blocked, you’ll wake up briefly to take in more air, then fall back to sleep. This cycle can repeat itself dozens of times each hour for sufferers of severe sleep apnea. Left untreated, sleep apnea can contribute to high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and depression. 

With a custom oral mouthpiece, Springs Dentist can help eliminate your sleep apnea and snoring. The mouthguard will fit comfortably in your mouth while you sleep, moving your lower jaw gently forward to keep your airway open. 

The mouthguard is an alternative to CPAP therapy. Although CPAP works well, many patients have trouble adjusting to wearing a mask and having air forced through their air passage. A mouthguard provides another way to eliminate sleep apnea symptoms, help you sleep more soundly, and reduce your risk of other health conditions.

You’ll find a mouthguard:

  • Less Invasive – You won’t have to wear an uncomfortable mask or deal with tubing and the noise that a CPAP machine makes.
  • Easy to Adapt to – Most of our patients report little or no trouble getting used to their mouthguard, unlike CPAP, which some patients never adapt to.
  • Convenient – A mouthguard is easy to carry along on trips, taking up only a fraction of the space that a CPAP machine does.

Enjoy a Simple Process For Getting Your Oral Appliance

Once you have a diagnosis of sleep apnea, Dr. Sommer will get to work fitting you with your custom mouthguard. Rather than unpleasant traditional impressions, he will use digital impressions to get the exact specifications for your appliance.

In moments, we can get all the information we need to have your mouthguard made. You won’t have to worry about putting any goopy, distasteful mess in your mouth. Plus, digital impressions are more accurate, leading to a better fit and better results.

The team at Springs Dentist wants to help your household enjoy silent nights again with our sleep apnea treatment. Call us today at 719-249-5796 to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule online.