Certain foods can be difficult to eat with dentures – including healthy ones like crisp fresh fruits and vegetables. Since they sit on your gums, held in place largely by suction (with the possible addition of denture adhesive), vigorous chewing can loosen or even dislodge dentures. If you’re avoiding certain foods due to dentures, talk to us about implant dentistry.

With implant dentistry, Dr. Sommer will attach dentures to biocompatible dental implants embedded in your jaw. Since your jawbone actually fuses to implants, it creates an extremely stable foundation for your dentures. No more worries about slippage when you’re eating! With a stronger bite and improved chewing power, you’ll also enjoy better digestion.

Unlike some dentists, Dr. Sommer both places implants and restores them with dentures (or other replacement teeth, like crowns and bridges). Call Springs Dentist today at 719-249-5796 for an implant consultation with Dr. Sommer. Or contact us online to schedule an appointment in Colorado Springs, CO.

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