Did Santa bring you sports gear? That’s great! If one of your resolutions for 2023 is to get in better shape, new gear may give you just the incentive you need. But don’t take to the field without a custom mouthguard.

Not sure you need one? About 5 million a teeth get knocked out every year – many of them during athletic activities. Many more are cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged. If that statistic doesn’t convince you, maybe you should check out a short video with Kelly Clarkson interviewing actor Joe Manganiello. It shows the lasting result of his childhood sports injury. 

You can buy an athletic mouthguard from a sporting goods store. But don’t expect it to provide the kind of protection you’ll get from a custom-made guard. Store-bought mouthguards require a boil-and-bite process before wearing. And they simply don’t fit as well as a mouthguard made using impressions of your teeth.

Your custom sports mouthguard will feel so comfortable and stay in place so well that you’ll never be tempted to leave it on the sidelines. 

In addition to sports mouthguards, we can provide custom guards to stop you from grinding your teeth. This habit, which often happens while you sleep, can damage tooth enamel and also cause jaw pain and headaches. 

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