Invisalign orthodontic treatment has many selling points. For instance, it’s usually faster and far more comfortable than spending many months wearing metal braces. Still, you want your treatment to be as quick, successful, and free of hassles as possible. It will be if you follow our tips!

  1. Wear Your Aligners 20-Plus Hours a Day
  2. Use Dental Wax to Ease Discomfort
  3. Carry a Case at All Times
  4. Drink Nothing But Water When Wearing Aligners
  5. Don’t Use Toothpaste on Your Aligners
  6. Keep Old Aligners Waiting in the Wings

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In the meantime, follow our suggestions below.

Keep Invisalign Aligners in at Least 20 Hours a Day

The convenience of removable aligners is one of the biggest advantages of Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, it can also be a problem if you lack the self-discipline to wear them for the recommended 20-plus hours a day. We recommend 22 hours a day, which is doable if you remove them only for meals and for oral hygiene.

An occasional exception might not make or break your treatment, but removing your aligners too often will often mean it takes longer to straighten your smile. 

A Little Dental Wax Goes a Long Way to Ease Discomfort

A lack of metal hardware keeps Invisalign orthodontic treatment more comfortable than braces. It’s possible you may experience irritation around the edges of your aligners until you get used to them. Applying dental wax usually helps.

You may also feel mild discomfort when switching from one set of aligners to the next. If that happens, we suggest first wearing new aligners at bedtime; you’re less likely to be bothered while you sleep. You can also take an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetaminophen and suck on ice when not wearing your aligners.

Always Carry a Case During Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

As you know, Invisalign aligners are practically invisible. This is mostly a good thing. However, it means you may not notice them if you sit them aside while eating a meal away from home. We’ve had more patients than you might think accidentally toss them into the trash!

The best way to prevent losing aligners is to carry a case with you at all times, and always store aligners in it when you remove them. Keep a case in several places, like your car, at home, and in a purse or pocket.

Avoid Staining Substances When Wearing Your Aligners

It’s best to only drink water when wearing your aligners. Most of us need to drink more water anyway! You should never drink coffee, cola, or similarly staining liquids with your aligners in as you’ll risk staining them. Hot liquids are especially problematic, as they can warp your aligners.

While clear liquids such as sports drinks and flavored waters shouldn’t stain aligners, those containing sugar can make you more susceptible to cavities and other problems. 

Be Careful How You Clean Your Aligners

After brushing your teeth, you may want to give your aligners a brushing too. Don’t do it, though! Some toothpastes can scratch the plastic, which will make your teeth look dingy while you’re wearing them. Clean them with a mild, anti-bacterial soap instead. Make sure you’re using a soft-bristled brush.

Cleaning aligners is especially important in the morning, because – like your teeth – bacteria accumulates on them overnight. You can soak them in a solution of vinegar and water once a week or so for even more anti-bacterial action. Use one part vinegar (white only!) to three parts warm water and soak them for 15 minutes.

Hang Onto Old Aligners During Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

Another Invisalign best practice is to not discard your old aligners too quickly. Keep them while you wear the next set in the series. That way if you lose or break aligners, you can wear the previous set until your replacements arrive.

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