Cavities are unfortunately a common dental problem. Luckily, they are easy to repair with restorations like fillings and crowns. Still, it’s obviously easier to prevent them vs. treating them. The good news is, having cavity-free teeth isn’t too difficult!

Check out our tips for preventing tooth decay:

  • Brush and Floss Daily – Likely no one is surprised to see this advice on our list. Good oral hygiene is absolutely essential to preventing cavities. You should brush twice a day, for at least two minutes. Rushing means you won’t get your teeth as clean as you should. Set a timer. Flossing daily helps remove food debris and bacteria from in between teeth, where a brush can’t reach. Use a gentle touch. If you brush too hard, you risk damaging your tooth enamel – which will make you more susceptible to decay. 
  • Get Professional Cleanings Twice a Year – Even if you have great oral hygiene habits, you need to see us every six months for an exam and cleaning. We can get into every nook and cranny where cavity-causing bacteria tend to collect. It’s nearly impossible to do this at home. We can also look for early signs of problems. For example, we will closely inspect restorations like fillings and crowns to ensure decay hasn’t gotten underneath them. 
  • Drink Lots of Water – Water rinses away food debris and bacteria, so drinking plenty of it is a great way to stop cavities. It’s a good idea to drink water with your meals, or at least rinse your mouth out with it afterward. It is a much better choice than sugary or acidic drinks. Those liquids can eat into your tooth enamel, which makes you more prone to decay. Water is good for your smile – and the rest of you too. 
  • Ask Us About Dental Sealants – Dental sealants do a great job at preventing cavities.  When applied to the chewing surfaces of your back teeth, sealants keep bacteria from getting into grooves where it can collect and cause cavities. They lessen the risk of decay by about 80 percent. Though they are most often used for children, they can work well for adults too. 
  • Eat the Right Foods – The right diet also helps prevent cavities. Fresh fruits and veggies have lots of water and fiber, both of which get bacteria off of your teeth. Cheese and other dairy products contain calcium and casein, substances that strengthen tooth enamel. Leafy greens also have lots of vitamins and minerals that keep your mouth healthy.  

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