If you’ve ever worried about the cost of dental care, we hope it hasn’t kept you from getting the treatment your smile needs. If it has, you may want to join our Membership Club. It’s an insurance alternative that helps you save on preventive care like exams and cleanings and our other services too.

For more information on the club, call Springs Dentist today at 719-249-5796. In the meantime, check out some of the benefits you gain from joining:

  • Lack of Insurance Shouldn’t Limit Your Care – Dental insurance usually covers two exams and cleanings a year. If you don’t have insurance, you may be tempted to not visit for these services as often. But that leaves you more vulnerable to problems like cavities and gum disease. When we don’t see you regularly, it increases the chances that a small issue like a cavity could turn into a bigger and costlier problem like an infected tooth. 
  • It’s a Hassle-Free Payment Option – Our club is pretty simple. You pay a lifetime activation fee (that also covers your first month of membership). Then you simply make low monthly payments. They cover the cost of your exams (including X-rays) and cleanings, and you’ll save on other services too. You’ll even get a free emergency exam (one per year), if needed. 
  • It Puts You and Your Dentist in Charge – We never want you to delay treatment or opt for one type of treatment over another, based on what your insurance company is willing to pay. Yet that happens all the time. With our Membership Club, hopefully you and your dentist can make the best decision for your smile without worries over what insurance will – or won’t – contribute. 
  • There’s a Monthly Plan for You – We have plans for adults, children (13 and younger), and patients who need periodontal maintenance. All three plans cover exams and cleanings, with the periodontal plan including more cleanings a year. 
  • You’ll Save on Services Insurance Doesn’t Cover – There are certain services insurance won’t cover. Cosmetic treatments, for example, are almost never covered by insurance. With our club, you’ll get a discount on those services. 

Ready to join our Membership Club? Call us at 719-249-5796. You can also schedule an appointment online to visit our Colorado Springs, CO office.