If you’ve been wearing dentures for a while, chances are you’ve noticed them getting looser. That’s because you lose bone mass in your jaw after losing teeth. As your jaw shrinks, it affects how your replacement teeth fit and feel. With implant dentures, you won’t have to worry about teeth that shift or move. Dental implants function like tooth roots, stimulating your jaw to protect you from bone loss.

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In the meantime check out some of the advantages of attaching dentures to implants:

  • Younger Appearance – As we noted, implants prevent the bone loss that occurs after losing teeth. As a result, your face will look fuller and younger. 
  • No Embarrassing Slips – Conventional dentures simply sit on top of your gums, held in place by suction. You can add adhesive, but even with adhesive your teeth can slip and shift. Once your new dentures are attached to dental implants, they aren’t going anywhere. You’ll feel more confident knowing your teeth will stay in place.
  • Diverse Diet – Anchoring your replacement teeth to implants also gives you a strong bite. You’ll be able to chew and digest your food nearly as well as you did before losing teeth. You can eat just about anything, including foods like crunchy apples. 
  • Natural Feel and Function – Loose dentures can irritate your gums. Implant dentures feel almost exactly like your natural teeth. You’ll probably forget you are even wearing them! 
  • Simple to Maintain – Some kinds of implant dentures require nothing more than brushing and flossing for oral hygiene. Plus, since your dentures won’t loosen over time, you won’t ever need a relining procedure for dental implant dentures.

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