Sleep apnea has been associated with adverse conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. So if you suffer from this disorder, you’ll want to treat it ASAP. There are two commonly prescribed treatment methods: a CPAP machine or a sleep appliance.

Many patients at Springs Dentist appreciate the advantages of an appliance:

  • Comfort – A CPAP sends a stream of air into your throat so your airway stays clear. This often causes your mouth and throat to dry out. In contrast, an appliance simply repositions your jaw in a way that keeps your airway open. This won’t result in unpleasant dryness.
  • Simple Use and Maintenance – You’ll need distilled water for your CPAP, as well as electricity or batteries to keep it running. It can also be a chore to keep a CPAP clean. In contrast, you won’t need any special supplies to use your appliance or to clean it. 
  • Safety – CPAPs typically are safe to use. But sometimes problems lead to a product recall like the one recently issued by Philips for some of its devices. The FDA suggested that users of the affected devices consult with their healthcare provider. Users could also explore alternative treatments “including positional therapy or oral appliances, which fit like a sports mouthguard or an orthodontic retainer,” the FDA said in its guidance.
  • Portability – An appliance is similar in size to a sports mouthguard. So it’s easy to take anywhere with you. It’s especially convenient to use while on the road. 
  • Discreet Look and Feel – A CPAP’s mask and tubing can sometimes get in the way, which means it may bother you and/or your bed partner. In contrast, the appliance is barely noticeable. 

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