Dentures change your life. Some changes, like giving you back a complete smile again, are positive. Others, like using messy adhesive to keep them in place, not so much. If you choose dental implant dentures instead of conventional dentures, you’ll enjoy many benefits.

Among them:

  • Simple Maintenance – Instead of denture tablets and similar cleaning methods, many kinds of implant dentures require nothing more than simple brushing and flossing to stay clean. You also won’t need any relining procedures to maintain a snug fit. 
  • Better Bone Density – When you lose teeth, you lose bone density in your jaw – about 25 percent in the first year alone. This affects your facial structure and prematurely ages you. In contrast, implants stimulate your jaw while you chew, which keeps your bone strong and intact. 
  • More Varied Diet – Since they actually fuse to your jaw, implants give you far more bite strength than conventional dentures can. You’ll be able to eat anything you want, even steak and corn-on-the-cob. 
  • No Need for Adhesive – Most dentures wearers find they need adhesive to keep their teeth in place. But even with adhesive, dentures can slip out of place. Dental implant dentures won’t come loose. And you can get rid of that adhesive; you won’t need it! 

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