With just a little over two months left in 2021, we hope to see you before 2022 for a dental checkup. If you haven’t been in to see us in the last six months, here are three reasons that you should.

Don’t Waste Your Money

If you have dental insurance, you have been paying for it throughout the year. Your policy likely provides coverage for all or much of the cost of a dental cleaning and exam. If you skip out on visiting the dentist, then what have you been paying for all year?

Take Advantage of Your Benefits

As we noted above, your plan probably encourages you to get preventive services. Those benefits are also tied to the time frame for your current policy. In many cases, that time frame coincides with the calendar year. Don’t lose your benefits. Use them!

Act Now to Keep Smiling Tomorrow

Whether you have insurance or not, we welcome you to visit us soon. Being proactive about your oral health can keep you from suffering tooth infections and tooth loss down the road.

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