You want your kids to be healthy and happy. You want them to do their best in school, too.

Dental problems can keep them from focusing on a test or that day’s lesson. Scheduling a back-to-school appointment with your general dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, you can get these benefits.

Treat Problems

As we noted above, you don’t want a toothache to interfere with your child’s ability to focus and learn. By coming in now, we can find and treat cavities before by become painful toothaches.

Preventive Care

Stopping problems before they occur is even better than treating them. A professional cleaning can take away a buildup of plaque and tartar and reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay.

Play Safer

Anyone who plays sports this fall should be wearing an athletic mouthguard any time they take the court or the field. We can make custom mouthguards, which are more comfortable and provide better protection than boil-and-bite mouthguards.

Call Springs Dentist today at 719-249-5796 or schedule an appointment online in Colorado Springs, CO. Start school with a smile by seeing your general dentist soon!