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Smile Brightening –

Tooth stains can be caused from a variety of things, from aging, also known as intrinsic stains, to exposure to different beverages, foods or tobacco, also know as extrinsic stains. Some people choose to utilize over the counter methods to whiten their teeth, but these kits are designed as a one size fits all solution, as opposed to custom fit methods offered by dental offices.

Dr. Sommer’s office provides a unique solution to teeth whitening in Colorado Springs. As a natural dentist, providing a safe, effective solution is our number one priority when it comes to dental care. Generally teeth whitening is an extremely safe procedure, but there are some risks of gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Both of these reactions are generally short term and resolve themselves within a few days.

Zoom Whiten Your Teeth In About An Hour!

Zoom Smile BrighteningZoom! raises the brightening standard to a new level. It delivers brightening improvements averaging from 7 to 8 shades all the way up to as many as 12 shades in about an hour.

The newest Zoom! System offered for teeth whitening in Colorado Springs is:

Fast – With superior results usually in just three 15- minute treatment sessions reducing total treatment by 33% with no compromise in results.

Effective – The Zoom! gel incorporates the use of a proprietary light activated patented technology to provide its superior whitening results.

Easy – The Precision Light Guide System ensures a consistent set-up for optimal whitening results.

Low Sensitivity – The combination of reduced time, the special ACP chemistry, and the new Balancing Agent and Satin Finish, ensure the lowest possible discomfort.

Current Zoom! patients report experiencing 67% less significant sensitivity than the original Zoom System.

A pioneering professional leader in the whitening products industry developed zoom.

The new Zoom! is available at our office.  For a chance to receive a free Zoom! teeth whitening in Colorado Springs from one of our natural dentists, contact Dr. Sommer at (719)632-3591 and tell him you saw this web page or register on the Contact Us page.