Dr. Craig Sommer

Dr. Craig Sommer-Your Holistic Dentist in Colorado

Dr. Craig Sommer DDS

Dr. Sommer received his under graduate degree in Chemical engineering.  He attended the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado.  The 148 semester-hour program was a five-year education squeezed into 4 years with required summer sessions.

With both education and work experience in chemical engineering, Dr. Sommer has a unique perspective in dentistry.  He has a decidedly environmental viewpoint. Different than the average dentist. Early in his engineering career, in Los Angeles, California, he experienced the impact of industrial processes and potential for contamination.

At that time OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health act was introduced to the workplace.  And more and more  industrial safety issues were drilled into all employees.  His experiences provided many examples of how both our external and internal environments are impacted adversely.  This is what later brought a critical eye to the techniques and materials used in dentistry.

Dr. Sommer attended the UCLA School of Dentistry while he  lived in the Brentwood, and Santa Monica areas of Los Angeles.  Following graduation, he received more training and experience working with physicians in a General Practice Residency program.  He was admitted to the prestigious program at the Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital, now known as the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital.

After completing his residency program, Dr. Sommer moved to Northern California.  There he operated two thriving practices before deciding to return to his Colorado home and family. With his background and family influences, his thinking is decidedly holistic, or whole-body in nature.  And he’s acutely aware of your dental health and whole body health interactions.  Fortunately, this whole-body thinking influences every aspect of his practice.

When you meet Dr. Sommer and have an opportunity to sit and visit  with him, you’ll see what I mean.
Still caring for the downtown Colorado Springs business and professional community since 1992, Dr. Sommer enjoys both his staff and patient family.