Immune System

Gum Disease May Compromise The Health Of Transplanted Organs

It appears that gum disease is also a potential problem for those dealing with organ transplants. At a Chicago meeting in 2006, researchers from the University of Connecticut explained the connection. Dentists in Colorado Springs also agree that there is a strong correlation between gum disease and the immune system. It appears the survival of the transplanted organ may be compromised by the release of chemical molecules coming from periodontal or gum inflammation.

The chemical molecule, interluekin-6, is present in high concentrations in periodontal gum infections. Researchers are very concerned about the potential negative consequences of long-term transplant survival in the face of ongoing gum and oral infections. They expressed a need for more studies to provide conclusive evidence of the gum disease transplant rejection connection. It is believed that holistic dental care could help prevent some of the issues that were seen during the studies and as a dentist in Colorado Springs we aim to help.

Gum disease can also reduce the strength of your immune system making you more susceptible to contracting other illnesses and diseases. Your immune system can only handle fighting off so much at once, so gum disease makes it much more difficult for your immune system to continue fighting off other illnesses that may be present in your system. This in turn can weaken your immune system even further making gum disease even more difficult to fight. As your body continues to weaken, it creates a vicious circle of illness and infection while keeping your immune system from fully recovering.

Holistic dental care can not only help treat, but prevent gum disease and help promote a full body health. Dr. Sommer will ensure that everything is done in order to ensure the best dental health possible and keep your body from becoming more susceptible to infection. Health professionals worldwide as well as dentists in Colorado Springs acknowledge the impact that gum disease can have on the immune system. The more serious the infection the larger the toll that is taken on the immune system. By preventing gum disease you are able to ensure that you keep your immune system fighting the other infections throughout your body.

This information is adapted from the Journal of Periodontology.