Holistic Dentistry

A holistic dentist is one very concerned about the connection between whole body health and dental health.  There is a strong connection between the two.  Dental disease often causes inflammation that can be recognized as pain, swelling, heat, redness, or a change in ability to use either teeth or jaw comfortably. Inflammation associated with dental problems has been shown to be associated with increased risk of  heart disease, stroke, immune system dysfunction and cancer. This is an area in which holistic dentistry can be expected to assist you in obtaining maximum health.

Heart Disease

What’s the link between gum disease and heart disease? Well several plausible theories exist. One suggests that bacteria from the mouth affect the heart by using the blood stream or circulatory system to hitch a ride. Once [more]


After describing in the Heart Disease Section, how bacteria migrating throughout the body hitching a ride on the body’s public transit system, it seems reasonable to expect that bacteria can affect other areas beside the heart.In [more]

Immune System Dysfunction

It appears that gum disease is also a potential problem for those dealing with organ transplants. At a Chicago meeting in 2006, researchers from the University of Connecticut explained the connection. It appears the survival [more]

Mercury Containing “Silver” Fillings

If you have questions about silver fillings and have heard that they contain mercury there is interesting information on our mercury page.  [more]


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